Pick an Attitude, Any Attitude…

Picture this:

A young woman starts the engine and begins the drive to the local garage. The second major repair needed in two weeks. She checks the dash and hopes the thermometer stays below the red. As she drives up the hill, she debates making a quick detour to the grocery store, but with her new born baby finally asleep in the back, she decides against it and stays in her lane. Approaching the final set of red lights and busiest intersection of the journey, she hears a “clunck” and checks the rear view mirror thinking that she has hit something in the road.  As she glances at the light, she watches as it turns from green to orange and tries to accelerate, but nothing happens. The engine is dead. She is now coasting toward the 4-way unable to speed up. Panicking she prays that she will make it to the garage just a few more feet away but on the other side of the highway. She checks the traffic on a usually extremely busy road and notices a lone car coming toward her. Please, please God, let it pass. She moves into the middle lane, still coasting, and as the car passes she barely misses the back end of it as she pulls hard on the heavy steering wheel and arrives safely into the garage parking lot and brakes. Shaky, she stops to breathe and as her heart regains beating she checks on the baby, still sleeping soundly. THAT was a close call. That was my Friday morning.

As I sat in the waiting room waiting for the mechanic to give me the diagnoses, thoughts started to bombard my mind:

Seriously? Again? Why does this keep on happening to us? If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Where are we going to get the money for THIS repair? Will they even be able to fix it? You just feel like you are starting to get a step ahead and get knocked back down again. How long is this going to go on for? Can’t we just get a break? I’m tired of fighting.

And then I picture God holding out a pack of cards, and hear His voice: “Pick an attitude, Ami, any attitude.” In that moment, I had a choice. Do I let it get to me and choose negativity, anger, bitterness, depression or do I choose to find the positive?  I am pleased to say I chose the latter.

It was a small miracle that I made it to the garage and didn’t drive to pick up groceries on my way. The light could’ve been red. I could’ve stopped dead in the middle of the intersection. There could’ve been a line of traffic blocking the entrance to the garage. God is ALWAYS faithful, despite my circumstances!

We go through times in life where it feels like we are going through one battle after another. Like life never lets up and you keep getting knocked down. I know. It is easy to have a good attitude during the good times, during the times of success in your life, when your financial world is solid, when you feel like you are doing well. But the true test of our character comes during the hard times. When we keep on being positive and praising God when we feel like our world is falling apart. We’ve all heard of the process of refining gold and how as it is heated to extreme temperatures all the filth and junk floats to the surface where it is skimmed off. This keeps on happening until nothing comes to the surface and the gold is deemed pure. So often God reminds me of this process, usually when I don’t want to be reminded, and as hard as it is to hear, it does offer me hope. I am in a process of being refined. As we feel the fire and the parts of our character that are less desirable reach the surface, what do we do with that? Do we choose to allow them to be “skimmed” and overcome our negative attitude? Or do we give in and let THAT battle be won by something other than our faith?

There are so many times in one single day that we are presented with a choice of attitude. What will you choose? As Christians growing in maturity, the test is to recognize these situations and make a good choice. With each positive attitude chosen, we take a step forward in the refining process. We win. We overcome. We become more like Jesus. If you’re not sure what to chose, here are a few options…

But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. -Galatians 5:22-23


2 Responses to “Pick an Attitude, Any Attitude…”
  1. The girl can write!! Great post Mummy Amy. xx

  2. Beth Comino says:

    Thanks Ami,
    That was just what I needed to read. Now to apply it.
    Love you

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