Resisting Resistance: Believing in You

Part 3 of Resisting Resistance

One of the most effective killers of change, personal improvement, or dreams for that matter is the lack of confidence one has for himself. This is something that is rarely admitted, but many failed attempts at transformation were preceded with a less than positive view of the individual’s personal ability to handle the next step.

The truth is often we don’t already possess skills and traits to be successful at the next level, but the point of the journey is developing what you need along the way. Believing this will happen is your next move of faith toward your goals!

A few years back, my wife bought me a wristwatch as a gift, something I had never owned. I loved it from the moment I saw it, however, after wearing it for a few hours I realized the dial was rubbing against a part of my hand that wasn’t used to having something attached to it. This change had begun to make my wrist very sore to the point I considered retiring the watch and giving up on the dream of mobile time! As I began to accept this reality, I decided: NO! I’m going to give it some time and see what happens. Within days, my wrist developed immunity to the pain and the watch was no longer irritating or painful. I now wore a watch!

As pointless as this story seems, it illustrates a good point.

I decided I wanted to start wearing a watch, something I had never done before, but always wanted to. It was exciting at first, but as time passed I began feeling the repercussions of the change. The pain was very real. My skin had grown very red and sore and with every movement of my hand, I could feel the piercing watch on my wrist. Retreating was my first thought, but never my path. Eventually, the pain receded. My body developed what it needed to survive the change and now, I can put on any watch I chose and I barely notice it is there. Get my point?

My body wasn’t ready for the change. I had never worn a watch before, so why would I assume it would just be natural? Quickly, I adapted to the change and developed what I needed to survive. Sure it wasn’t pain-free or as easy as I imagined, but had I given up, I would have never developed into a watch-wearer. I would have failed and attempting the move again in the future would be even harder to try!

This is the same with any change or dream you decide to chase. It’s not natural to excise everyday when you’ve never done it before! It’s not easy to sit in a classroom for 3 hours when you haven’t listened to a speaker in years. But you adapt. You develop what you need to succeed along the way.

Allowing yourself to surprise you is one of the biggest things people with dashed dreams fail to do.

If you don’t possess a skill, go after it. Start taking classes. Talk to a specialist in that field. Allow yourself to start developing that skill that will take you to the next level. You’ll be surprised what you are actually capable of doing!

Surgeons weren’t born with the natural ability to transplant a person’s lung; they learned how and let themselves develop into a surgeon throughout the journey.  Sure it was hard, but they allowed themselves to develop the skills they needed and in end, they get a white coat and a few letters after their name.

Believing in yourself is how you achieve transformation. You already have what it takes to succeed and if you don’t… you’ll have it when you need it. Just trust the process!

So, how do you keep positive about change and yourself, even when you don’t want to or it seems too hard? The final part of this series will tell you how and when implemented, will change your life forever!


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