I’ve been trying to put a blog site together for months and even years, but have never thought it necassary. I mean, who really has time to sit down and type out multiple, meaningless paragraphs about what you learn and/or get out of this quest we have for knowledge. I mean, we’re all really busy, right? Even if I took the time to write down my thoughts, would anyone even take the time to read them?

Regardless, I have seen the light! I have a lot of stuff I take in day after day and regardless of whether someone searches for my page and swims in the world of knowledge they will behold (I know, its a bit much) or they stumble here while searching for an answer to one of those annoying questions you get throughout your week where you KNOW the answer yet the second someone asks, you completely forget and need to google your heart out to find it, I will write on!

I have realized blogging is nothing more than a vitual diary in which you can verbalize your thoughts and store them away for future reference. If people want to sneak in and steal it from under your bed (metaphorically), then they are allowed or even encouraged. I also realized that if I have the time to sit and update my Twitter account multiple times thoughout the day then I should have time to update this at least once a week (follow me!). Additionally, if you are trying to pencil words of knowledge on a regular basis, you seem to search for things more to discuss, which is what I want.

In conclusion, I plan to store all the revelation I get from my day to day living on these pages and if you choose to read my posts, I will be thrilled. The fact you are reading this now simply means you have read through a few of my paragraphs already! There is nothing special or profound about me that qualifies me to post teachings on the world wide web, however I do enjoy learning and also teaching others, so I will finally do what my mind and heart has been telling myself to do for ages.

If you agree with what I have to say, feel free to comment and by all means, correct me if I’m wrong. In the end, these are only my opinions and revelations, so enjoy reading and don’t be afraid to go out and make a site for yourself! Send me a link and you’ll have at least one reader.

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