The Trellis: Explained

If you read my first post on this topic, you’re probably wondering how exactly the Church relates to grape vines and how it’s essential to bearing genuine, John 15 fruit. First of all, notice I have always used a capital ‘C’ in the word Church. This means I am referring to the body of believers … Continue reading

The Trellis

Over the weekend, my pastor Dean Sweetman started a new series entitled The Vine by discussing John 15 and Jesus’ expectation for his disciples to bear fruit. The beginning of this chapter has striking details of what happens to those branches not bearing fruit and encouragement to those fruit-bearing branches that feel as though they … Continue reading

An Ethiopian History Lesson

After hearing a message by my pastor Dean Sweetman about the Ethiopian eunuch converted in the desert by Philip, my mind began wondering what happened with this eunuch. Where did his faith take him and what was the final impact of Philip’s obedience to the Holy Spirit? After studying many history sources, I found a bit of information … Continue reading

Take A Seat

And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus Ephesians 2:6 So many times I’ve just read over this page in my Bible, covered in highlighter and penned notes, but not given any renewed attention to this verse.  Paul makes a statement here that is … Continue reading

Rebel Without a Cause

After Saul returned from pursuing the Philistines, he was told, “David is in the Desert of En Gedi.” So Saul took three thousand chosen men from all Israel and set out to look for David and his men near the Crags of the Wild Goats. He came to the sheep pens along the way; a … Continue reading